An understanding of the differences in scale between urban and rural landscapes is paramount to achieving an outcome to satisfy the client brief for an acreage or resort design.

Initial site meetings are important to gather information from the client —the client brief ,but also survey drawings are very important to start the design process .

The scale of an acreage or resort will dictate the time involved to design a Masterplan.

This is usually the first step to show the concepts to scale on a plan with further detailed Concept and Planting plans being added over time as required to specific areas .This may assist the budget, to construct the design over a period of time.

The scale of the project needs to be constantly monitored for levels and drainage ,hardscape,structures such as tennis courts,pergolas ,stables,community centres,and the final touch to soften the hardscape by devising a planting scheme .

Angela Maroney has the ‘lived experience 'of living on acreage and also designing a diverse range of urban,rural and resort spaces .

Servicing Sydney, South Coast, Southern Highlands.

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