Drafting A Plan Design

Every project varies, the following is a guide to the steps involved in the development of drafting a plan design.

Concept plan

An overall plan of the garden which can include

 Plan views
3D drawings
 Images of the key landscape design elements
 Samples of materials
 Recommended plant species

Will provide you with a clear and visual image of your new garden.

A preliminary costing for the installation of your garden can also be provided at this stage.

Once approved a contract for installation will be provided along with a start date.

Complying developments and development applications

Urban & Rural can manage this whole process for you including the preparation of the necessary plans and documentation for your submission. Alternatively if the project is larger and involves the house or building we can work with your Architect as well.


Construction documentation

This is the preparation of detailed drawings for the construction of your project which are paramount to provide clarity and ensure the level of finish synonymous with our projects.

This includes

 Detailed drawings
 Swimming pools
 Decks and pergolas
 Outdoor kitchen
 Lighting plan
 Planting plan
 Schedule of finishes
 Specifications for all key construction components
 Levels Plan

Construction quote

When drawings are complete, a final Construction quote is prepared for the installation of your new garden.