Urban & Rural Design is a Sydney landscape design team with landscape architects that if you can dream it, they will design & construct it.

We know what it’s like for our clients to feel overwhelmed! The prospect of implementing a new landscape design or garden renovation, or to have an unsatisfactory experience can be daunting. Our job is to guide you through the journey and to make sure you understand the process each step of the way. The place to begin is with a landscape design consultation.


Firstly, a landscape designer will schedule you a free 20 min no obligation phone consultation to discuss your project. At this point, you can book a one on one consultation with landscape architect Angela Maroney for a property site evaluation.

Whenever possible, we believe a face-to face meeting on the site in question is the most effective way to understand your unique landscape challenges and tailor a solution especially for you.

A consultation with Urban & Rural Design involves a 60 - 90 minute face to face meeting with our landscape architect Angela Maroney.

The site consultation allows the architect to familiarise themselves with your landscape design requirements. Together you will look at aspects such as the existing architecture and the surroundings of the site. They will also discuss with you your budget and how you want to use your outdoor space.

During this time you will be given a clear and realistic idea of what is required to reach your desired look. Our goal is to provide a stress-free solution from concept to completion.

After the site visit, Urban & Rural will provide you with a fee proposal to design your garden.


On approval, Urban & Rural Design will start to design your project. This a collaborative process between you and your landscape architect. Therefore they will prepare concepts to present to you at their office. At this stage in the design process you decide on any tweaks you may want to make to the design.

On completion, Angela Maroney will present you with Landscape Concept and Planting Plans. The plan is essentially conceptual rather than a construction document.

At this point, the project will take the next exciting turn. Urban & Rural Design will arrange a site visit with Angela Maroney at your property. At this site visit, you will make plant selection and material choices. This will further develop your ideas into a reality.


Urban & Rural Design is more than just landscape architects. Their skills include project management of a team of Sydney landscape design contractors that can perform landscape works to ensure that your landscape reflects the concept developed.

Therefore, your architect designs with your budget in mind. That is why you will be presented with an accurate construction scope of works. As well as a fee proposal for Urban & Rural Design to manage the construction of your project.

If your project requires any specific documentation to start the project, Urban & Rural will outline it in the scope of works. For example, site plans, working drawings, a survey to scale or Council documentation. A fee proposal will outline any costs associated with this documentation.

Please note: If you prefer your selected contractor to perform the landscape works, Urban & Rural Design will provide a fee proposal for preparing working drawing and specifications.

By choosing Urban & Rural Design to oversee your project, it ensures that the landscape works are performed in accordance with the Landscape Concept and Planting Plan and your dreams become a reality!

We encourage you to speak to one of our friendly Sydney landscape design team members where help is at hand!


A site consultation with Urban & Rural Design involves a 60 - 90 minute face to face meeting with our landscape architect Angela Maroney. Your ideas, concepts, horticulture, materials, and changes to the existing landscape will be discussed.

Projects we consult on are:

Private Residential, both Urban and Rural Acreage
 New Garden Designs
 Garden Renovations
 Tiling & Paving
 Planting Styles
 Rooftop & Balcony Gardens
 Outdoor Kitchens
 Swimming Pools & Spas
 Garden lighting
 Irrigation Systems
 Environmental Planning and Design

Open Space and Park Design
Commercial and Industrial Developments
Medium Density and High-Rise Developments
Playground Design
 Landscape Art for Residential or Commercial Properties


 With landscape architect
Angela Maroney
to discuss your project.


 *Skype consultations available for regional clients 

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Introducing Your Landscape Journey

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