Urban & Rural Design has 30+ years experience in landscape design acreage and resorts.

Urban vs Rural Landscapes

Their experience extends to both commercial and residential acreage and resort style living. Their strength of the design is the understanding of the differences in scale between urban and rural landscapes. This is paramount to achieving an outcome to satisfy your or your clients brief for an acreage or resort design.

Ultimately Urban & Rural Design strength in this field of design lies in the understanding of the differences in scale between urban and rural landscapes. This has been paramount in the outcome of satisfying clients briefs for an acreage or resort design to date.

Lived acreage experience

Head landscape architect Angela Maroney has the ‘lived experience' of living on acreage. She also has a large portfolio of a diverse range of commercial and residential designs. These projects have been in both urban, rural residential and resort spaces. In addition to being the leading landscape architect on these projects, she has also managed and overseen their construction.

Winning rural landscape design formula

The winning formula for Urban & Rural Design when it comes to acreage and resorts is their skill in the final touch. Communication with our clients, design and construction from concept to completion, and overseeing the project is our forte. Softening the hardscape by devising a planting scheme that compliments not only the properties natural environment but the clients desired end result is something that only comes with experience.


Large scale projects require an initial site meeting. Urban & Rural charge a design consultation fee for this service. Head landscape architect Angela Maroney manages all acreage and resorts planning, as this is her area of specialty.

Site consultation

The site consultation is a very important step in gathering all the relevant information from the client. This consultation will access the scope of works, discuss your ideas, budget, style, and requirements. The landscape architect will survey the property for any special conditions that need to be taken into consideration when designing.

Scale and budget for rural design

Urban & Rural Design has experience in staging projects. So there is no need for clients to feel overwhelmed by the scale of their project or land compared to their initial budget. The landscape architect will always design with the clients budget in mind. A construction plan can be provided by Urban & Rural Design outlining how a project can be broken down into stages that not only meet the original design criteria but also the clients budget. The landscape architect will discuss the budget for the project at the beginning of the site consultation. This step is important so the architect can guide you through the best outcome to meet your objectives.

Design process and masterplan

Survey drawings are a very important step before Urban and Rural can start the design process. Angela will discuss this at her site visit, if necessary.

The scale of an acreage or resort will dictate the time involved to design a Masterplan by a landscape architect. Urban & Rural will provide a proposal of fees for approval prior to starting the Masterplan design.

Following the acceptance of the fee proposal, the client will be presented with Urban & Rural concepts to scale on a Masterplan. Secondly, they will provide detailed Concept and Planting plans.


Urban & Rural Design is more than just landscape architects, we project manage landscape design acreage and resorts projects. Our specialty contractors can perform landscape works to ensure that your landscape reflects the concept developed.

Scope of works

Therefore, your landscape architect designs with your budget in mind. That is why you will be presented with an accurate construction scope of works and a fee proposal for Urban & Rural Design to manage the construction of your project.

Council DA documentation

Before the project starts, the landscape architect will outline any specific documentation that you may require to complete the project in the scope of works. For example, site plans, working drawings, a survey to scale or Council documentation. A fee proposal will outline any costs associated with this documentation.

The most time and cost effective way is to research each councils’ guidelines and rules online .This will include the landscape plan requirements as a starting point, but more importantly looking up the DCP (Development Control Plan), SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy), Tree Management Plan specifically for trees ,…..and the list goes on.

Before any design is commenced these ‘’constraints ‘’ must be taken into consideration before ‘’opportunities’’ for your design can proceed .

How do we know how to design the solutions if we don’t know the problems !

Working with your local council is a definitive step to get the plan approved.

Here at Urban and Rural Design we are able to assist with the planning and design process needed to get your landscape design through council

The sheer scale of an average acreage or resort project needs to be constantly monitored for:
 Levels and Drainage
 Tennis Courts
 Community Centres

landscape design acreage and resorts

landscape design acreage and resorts

landscape design acreage and resorts

landscape design acreage and resorts

landscape design acreage and resorts

landscape design acreage and resorts